Our Mission

Supporting people with developmental and physical disabilities, to feel safe, to live normally as an active part of their community, to feel empowered and valued in the community.

MI Serenity LLC is an agency committed to providing the best quality Home and Community based services. Our primary focus is supporting developmentally disabled individuals and/or individuals with mental illness. Our mission is to help our consumer’s reach their full potential given their personal challenges.

We take our role as primary caregiver very seriously. We coordinate with Parents, Guardians, Support Coordinators, School's and Behaviorists (team members) to assist our consumer’s to build skills in all areas including community integration, socialization, personal development, etc. We then track our progress against specific and measurable goals as directed by each consumer’s Individual Support Plan (ISP). We provide the training, quality control and reporting mechanisms that make sure all team members know the goals we are pursuing, progress to date, and what still needs to be accomplished.

We serve clients with multiple disabilities. We understand that the combinations of developmental disabilities and mental illness require specialized care. We have both the people and the training in place to ensure that clients with multiple disabilities get the care they need, require and deserve. MI Serenity recognizes this population is the most vulnerable population and deserves and requires supports and services in all areas.

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe that the individuals we support are unique individuals who have intrinsic worth and the right to live a life of dignity.

We believe that it is our role to support and empower the individual and to encourage the individual to make his/her own informed decisions whenever possible.

We believe that the individual with disabilities has the right to live a meaningful life while fully participating in the community at large.

We believe in providing quality, humane care in a safe environment and protecting the individuals in our care from harm.

We believe in supporting and assisting the individuals in our care to remain connected to natural support networks.

We believe in ensuring the rights of the individuals in our care.

We believe in operating respectfully with the individuals, their family members and guardians, employees, as well as other related agencies, state representatives and the community at large.

We believe in training, supporting and empowering our employees to perform at their best at all times.

MI Serenity Supported Living Services is always accepting referrals.